Notice to Customers


Can TSC Timepiece provide me an online quotation for service or repair my watch?


Please understand that a watch is a finely-assembled and high-precision product that comprises many minute parts that not only are closely linked to each other due to its design, it may also be precious and requires diligent attention during handling.

Even though you may only want a quotation for a conventional service e.g. replacement of exterior/interior parts but due to its design and specific assembly requirement, it is easy for us misled to provide wrong information an exact quotation without allowing us to physically inspect the item and determined the extent of work required.

Hence, to avoid any misunderstanding and/or miscommunication, we are unable to provide an online quotation for hastily work. In order to responsibility professional the follow-up-service, you are welcomed to bring your watch to our service centre and experience how we handle your watch from beginning to the end. 

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.