About Us

About Us

A timepiece is a highly complicated art piece that requires high precision skills and fine craftsmanship to make and maintain. However, in many occasions, many watch aficionados are unaware that a well-planned long-term upkeep and maintenance schedule is essential to ensure their invested timepieces are able to function at its best and in ideal working condition.

TSC is hence, a specialist in watch service & maintenance and provide the required expertise in repairing and servicing a full range of watch brands.

Sadly, most timepieces TSC handled over the years were a result of improper or lack of maintenance, causing severe damage to internal mechanical parts and external casing and hence paid a high price for such oversight. Correspondingly, the deterioration of collectible value of such timepiece is inevitable if the functionality of its mechanism and water resistance are not preserved.

To handle this challenge, our workshop is professionally designed to be dust-free, brightly lit in a conductive working environment for fellow watchmakers and technicians, together with complete set of tools and equipments readily available at their disposal. Such set up is comparable to any workshop owned by renowned Swiss watch manufacturers.

Essentially, prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is wise to conduct yearly water resistant and functionality test especially for antique timepieces where replacement parts are rare and hard to source.

To reiterate, our mission is to ensure your prized watches are being handled professionally to your complete satisfaction. So smooth and perfect that even the next generation can inherit it in good working condition.