After Service Warranty

Company here denotes "TIMEPIECE SERVICE CENTRE"


  1. The company further reserves full discretion and right to detain any timepiece(s) which they have a genuine or reasonable belief to be a disputed timepiece(s) or a subject timepiece(s) in any criminal proceedings whether in or abroad Malaysia. the company also shall have full rights to detain any such timepiece(s) if and when required by the law in force. the customer hereby expressly agrees that he shall make no claim against the company in the event the timepiece(s) is detained for reasons mentioned herein.
  2. The company shall not accept watches for purpose of repair under warranty if parties other than company opens or disassembles the timepiece(s). the warranty will be deemed null and void and of no effect if the watch is opened or disassembled by such other party.
  3. For complete service of watches are a 12 months warranty from date of collection of the said timepiece(s) is provided but such warranty period will become effective after 30 days from the date of notification for collection to the customer and such warranty shall only cover the timepiece(s) against faulty workmanship.
  4. The company warranty does not cover battery replacement or battery defect or leakage related damage caused to the timepiece(s).
  5. We reserved the absolute right and discretion to disclaim responsibility in the case of electronic articles for any damage caused by the defective battery or any malfunction connected to the battery.
  6. The company reserves the right to absolve its responsibility for any defects or damage caused to the timepiece(s) due to abuse of usage.
  7. To provide service under the warranty protection guidelines, we require documentation in proof of the certificate or sales receipt from company. The company hereby reserves full right and discretion to refuse repair work on any timepiece(s) without giving reason.